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Add a Rehearsal


A wedding rehearsal serves as a run-through of the ceremony, typically occurring a few days before the big day. It ensures all participants understand their positions, entrances, and exits. It's an ideal time to address questions such as:

- Who will handle the rings and when?

- What's the protocol for the bouquet?

- Where should immediate family members sit?


Our role is to guide the rehearsal, ensuring that everyone feels prepared and at ease for the main event, enabling them to fully enjoy the big day.

Learn much more about the rehearsal here....rehearsals


Unforgettable Union

This ceremony will be all about YOU; your love, your life, and your story. Let's collaborate to create a ceremony that mirrors your distinct personalities and shares your love story, making it as exceptional and one-of-a-kind as you are. 

Together, we'll craft a unique ceremony that captures the essence of your journey together. We believe in weaving moments, not just words.

Picture this: Your ceremony begins with a hush of anticipation. As your story unfolds, there's laughter, there are tears of joy, and there's an undeniable connection between you and your guests. Every word spoken resonates, every promise made feels real, and every moment is cherished.

When your big day arrives, count on us as your resource and go-to expert, seamlessly guiding all participants through every facet of the ceremony – from the grand entrance to the joyous exit, and every heartfelt moment in between.


  • A complimentary consultation (to make sure you like us). 

  • Our experience and creative juices to help you discover what you want.

  • Customized ceremony tailored to who you are as individuals and as a couple.

  • Peace of mind knowing word for word what your officiant is going to say.

  • Unlimited ceremony edits and revisions

  • Continual contact to ensure your ceremony is exactly what you want.

  • Full control over the final draft.

  • Early arrival at your wedding to chat with the photographer and DJ to make sure all goes as planned.

  • Performance and facilitation of your ceremony (of course).

  • Our team of officiants as a "back-up" in the event of an emergency and your officiant is unable to attend. (our commitment to a contingency plan in case life throws us an unexpected curve ball)

  • Legal registration of your marriage after the ceremony.

  • A TON of fun

  • A ceremony you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives.


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