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Wedding Venue
Wedding Party

Who stands on the left side?

Who walks the aisle first?

What if we have an odd number in the wedding party?

We want kids and/or pets involved.

It's YOUR wedding and we will make sure things are done the way YOU want!

We will attend your rehearsal and provide input and guidance for the wedding party and anyone else involved in the service.

This is when "things start to take shape" and when last minute ideas can be incorporated and all details worked out.

Many people have ideas or preconceptions about what a wedding ceremony should be. Some participants in your wedding party or even family members may wish to provide their input and ideas. We will be the conduit for all the ideas and input and will ensure that the rehearsal and ceremony run exactly the way YOU want. We will manage the stress and planning so that you can enjoy the experience.


Let’s Work Together

Let's Tie the Knot

Phone/Text: 204-228-0626

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