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There is perhaps no more intimate and personal way to have a wedding ceremony than to have a friend or loved one conduct the service. If you're considering this option for your wedding, we've got your back! Say goodbye to the expenses, hassles, delays, and stress typically associated with obtaining a marriage commissioner license.

We bring our wealth of experience from countless weddings to assist your chosen officiant every step of the way in conducting the ceremony. Even if your selected officiant has never officiated a wedding before and might find it daunting, fret not!

We'll provide valuable insights and answers to questions such as:

What are the essential steps for conducting a wedding?

What elements should be included in the ceremony?

What should I say during the ceremony?

This ensures that your wedding ceremony is not only heartfelt but also entirely legally binding, all while allowing you to have that special person you've chosen lead the proceedings.

During the ceremony, we'll be present to oversee the signing of the marriage license and handle the marriage registration, while your chosen officiant leads the ceremony itself. This ensures that the documentation is completed and submitted correctly and your marriage can be registered with the Province.


Conect with a Pro

Extra Help

We're here to lend a hand in ensuring your friend or loved one enjoys a stress-free experience on your special day, and you enjoy the intimate, personal wedding ceremony that you envision.

Here are 2 valuable options that you may wish to include...

Connect with a Pro

You may also elect to have us assist your friend with writing the script for the ceremony. We will provide access to our custom script builder package. Your chosen officiant can then build a complete ceremony script to which they can add their own words and stories. 

By eliminating the need to start from scratch with a "blank page", your friend or loved one will have a much easier time creating that special wedding ceremony script for you. 


Add a Rehearsal

A wedding rehearsal is a walk-through of the wedding ceremony. It usually takes place a few days before the wedding and allows everyone involved in the ceremony to know where they will stand, how and when to enter and exit the ceremony. It’s the perfect time to answer questions like;

  • Who will be holding the wedding rings? When are they presented?

  • What do I do with my bouquet?

  • Where does my immediate family sit?


We will partner with your chosen officiant to take the lead at the wedding rehearsal and help everyone to know what to expect on the big day so that they can be relaxed and fully enjoy the experience.

Learn more about the rehearsal here....rehearsals

Let’s Work Together

Let's Tie the Knot

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