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If you wish to have a friend or loved one perform your wedding ceremony, we can help you!

You can avoid the cost, hassle, delays and stress that is associated with applying (and waiting!) for a marriage commissioner license.

We will share our experience from hundreds of weddings with your chosen officiant and guide them through the entire process of creating the script and then conducting the ceremony. It is likely that your chosen officiant has never done this before and may find it quite intimidating, but it doesn't need to be!

We will share tips and advice on;​

  • what exactly do I have to do to conduct a wedding?

  • what should be included in the ceremony?

  • what do I say?

  • how do we conduct a rehearsal?

  • where does everyone go and stand?

  • how do I write a ceremony?

We will guide them through the entire process, including the rehearsal. This makes the ceremony completely legal and still allows you to choose that special someone to perform the ceremony.

We will then be on hand at your ceremony to sign the marriage license and register the marriage while your officiant leads the ceremonY.

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