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This all-inclusive package provides everything you could wish for in your wedding ceremony.

We will help you create a ceremony that reflects your personalities and is as individual and unique as you are. Together we create a ceremony just for you. Including your love story is such a brilliant way to ensure that your ceremony is unique and interesting. 

We will also conduct your rehearsal so that everything on your big day goes exactly as you wish! This is your big day and we want you to be able to enjoy every moment without having to worry about the details.

On the day of your wedding we are a resource and "go to person" to help guide everyone involved through the ceremony, from procession to recession and everything in between.


  • A complimentary consultation (to make sure you like us). 

  • Our experience and creative juices to help you discover what you want.

  • Customized ceremony tailored to who you are as individuals and as a couple.

  • Peace of mind knowing word for word what your officiant is going to say.

  • Unlimited ceremony edits.

  • Unlimited ceremony revisions.

  • Continual contact to ensure your ceremony is exactly what you want.

  • Full control over the final draft.

  • Coordination of your rehearsal (see rehearsal page for more details)

  • Early arrival at your wedding to chat with the photographer and DJ to make   sure all goes as planned.

  • Performance and facilitation of your ceremony (of course).

  • Our team of officiants as a "back-up" in the event of an emergency and your officiant is unable to attend. (our commitment to a contingency plan in case life throws us an unexpected curve ball)

  • Legal registration of your marriage after the ceremony.

  • A TON of fun

  • A ceremony you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives.

Let’s Work Together

Let's Tie the Knot

Phone/Text: 204-228-0626

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