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Video Greetings

Don’t let COVID keep you from sharing your wedding day with ALL of your loved ones! This is a GREAT way for those who cannot attend your wedding to still participate and share their greetings….

You can have a special video compilation of messages from all of your family and friends who are not able to be at your wedding ceremony. We will send a link to everyone on your guest list (or guest “wish” list) and invite them to record a brief message of love and congratulations for your wedding. They can even submit pictures which will be included in the final video.

We then compile all of the messages, and pictures into one celebratory video that can be viewed and shared at any time you wish.

Check out our promo video below to get an idea of what your video might be like.

Contact us today to see how you can arrange to have your own personal wedding video ready to enhance your special day.

starting at $50.00