Planning Your Own Wedding

With dozens of decisions (colours! cake! flowers! music!) and dozens more logistical details, planning your wedding can daunt even the most intrepid couple. It's no wonder that so many choose to hire a wedding planner to coordinate their big day so they can focus on the fun. But if you're up for handling it on your own, you can pull it off — as long as you approach it with a pro's mindset. 

In this complete "How To" guide for planning your own wedding you will earn from industry experts and be prepared to take on the challenge.

Find invaluable tools to help with your wedding plans including; budget templates (preliminary and detailed), guest list templates, sample seating charts and more.

This is a must-have resource for any bride, groom or couple that wants to plan their own wedding.

Hiring a Wedding Planner can be an expensive proposition. There is no doubt that they provide a great service, but many couples opt to save some money and do all the planning themselves.
Planning a wedding can be a very daunting and stressful task, but this course will help you learn all that you need to manage the task with confidence and ensure that you don't overlook any vital steps.

Packed with helpful tools such as preliminary and detailed budget templates, guest lists, seating charts, etc you will find everything you need in this short course.

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