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Shelann Bundus

Marriage Commissioner

Shelann became a wedding commissioner to officiate her sister’s wedding, which quickly turned into officiating weddings for others. 

She enjoys this role and feels honored to participate in this joyous milestone for so many couples. 

Shelann is a lifelong resident of Regina and has been a post- secondary instructor for many years. She has two adult children (three counting her daughter in law), and an adorable granddaughter; who are her inspiration on all things Love.  


Shelann took the time to really discuss our wants and ideas for our nuptials. 

She offered several ideas for us to contemplate, and listened to our ideas on the theme of our wedding. She researched the background of our concepts and brought depth and meaning to our ceremony. 

She took the time to get to know us, and was able to add lightness and humour to her words, and it was perfect for the mood of the day. 

Shelann was the consummate professional, and if we were to do it again I would seek her out specifically to perform our ceremony. 

Sharla and Dennis 

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