We Stand Against Racism and Injustice

We at Let’s Tie the Knot denounce racism in all its ugly forms. We say no to the unspeakable violence it wreaks on families, communities, countries. We say no to hatred.
It is long past time to listen to what Black, Asian, Indigenous and other people of colour have been saying for years. We must stand in solidarity and love, be present and show up in ways that go beyond this statement. We need to listen, educate ourselves, learn from our pasts, create change and listen harder still. This issue demands our ACTIVE attention.
Around the world, peaceful protestors have faced tear gas, bullets, beatings, arrest. All because they chose to stand against deeply ingrained racism and oppression.
How do we treat each other? What do we teach our children about today and all the days that brought us here?
Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. This is the mission of our times. Together, we must challenge racism, discrimination and prejudice head-on. Silence is complicity. Saying you aren’t racist is not enough. How can you be actively anti-racist? That is the question.

If you have not experienced this type of oppression, now is not the time to centre the narrative on you. Instead, acknowledge your privilege and its adverse impact on individuals who identify as Black, Asian, Indigenous or as persons of colour. Be an ally and advocate for those who have been silenced for years on end.