Walking Down the Isle

Procession Ideas


  1. Bride’s mother

  2. Groomsmen

  3. Best Man

  4. Groom

  5. Officiant

  6. Bridesmaids

  7. Maid/Matron of Honour

  8. Ring Bearer & Flower Girl 

  9. Bride (with her father) 


Traditional with a Twist

  1. Bride’s mother

  2. Bride’s grandparents

  3. Groom’s grandparents

  4. Bridesmaids & Groomsmen 

  5. Best Man

  6. Maid/Matron of Honour

  7. Groom  (with or without his parents)

  8. Officiant (may enter from the side)

  9. Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

  10. Bride (with her parents)

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Check out this creative and memorable processional from Jenn & Drew's wedding


  1. Grandparents

  2. Parents

  3. Groomsmen

  4. Bridesmaids

  5. Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

  6. Couple

Your Way

It’s your wedding so you should do things your way! The processional order is completely up to you and who walks where, when and with whom should be 100% your call. There is no right or wrong way to do a processional – there’s only your way. Here are a few creative options that might work better for you than the ideas above: 

  • Walk in solo

  • Walk in first 

  • Walk in with someone who means a lot to you like your grandma or favourite uncle

  • Walk in with your kids 

  • Walk in with your dog

  • Enter at the same time as your partner – walk in hand in hand or enter from different doors and meet in the middle 

  • Skip the wedding party and processional all together – just start your wedding ceremony where you are!