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Is Eloping becoming the “New Normal” for weddings?

While the technical definition of eloping means to run away and get married without telling anyone, today it is most often used to describe when a couple decides to celebrate their marriage with 10 or fewer people. An elopement is a personal, intimate, and romantic alternative for couples who want their wedding day to be focused on what they both want to do. You have probably heard of words such as intimate weddings, micro weddings, or pop-up weddings. These are all classified as modern-day elopements.

When a couple elopes, they are forgoing planning a traditional wedding ceremony for something more intimate and simpler in nature. Instead of planning how many tables and chairs they will need and where to sit each person, this couple is focusing their wedding timeline on each other.

COVID has forced many couples to change their original wedding plans and adapt to ever changing restrictions on gathering sizes. Those that have made the changes and gone ahead with smaller ceremonies have been unanimous with their praise and support of the decision as evidenced by the following comments;

· I wouldn't change a thing!

· Brides, if you’re worrying about if you should still have your wedding, if it will be as much fun as the one you envisioned..... I encourage you to remind yourself that whatever your day may look like, it will be perfect, and you will be married to the love of your life.

· My advice is to have your wedding! I was sad initially that a lot of our family and friends were cut but having a small ceremony was amazing!

· We decided we wanted to just get married regardless and I have to say that decision alone has eased some stress

· Somehow the stars aligned for us and we had the most incredible wedding. All the little things didn't stress us out once life was put into perspective.

Think about it…..the reason you got engaged was because you want to be married – NOT because you wanted a wedding.

photo by Wild Connections Photography

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