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COVID-19 & Weddings


As a wedding vendor, we are being asked this question by our clients on a daily basis.

We are in an unprecedented time in history. Nobody can accurately predict the future - near or distant and as such the only advice we can give is based on speculation.

Of some things we are sure though; you should communicate with all your vendors to discuss their cancellation/reschedule policy to determine what (if any) the financial impact will be. Even vendors with an inflexible policy may be forced to reevaluate given the current situation. They may find financial assistance from the federal or provincial governments which will lessen the impact of cancellations on their business, and then they in turn could help couples avoid financial hardship.

If you follow the pattern that we have seen so far in the war to control the spread of the virus, you see that gatherings were first limited to 250 people and then to 50 people. It is reasonable to expect that this pattern will be reversed when we begin to escape the isolation phase.

My advice would be not to force yourself in to a rushed decision. The actions and policies are changing daily if not hourly, and as such would dictate a "wait and see" approach (as difficult as that must be).

I think that we may begin to see a trend develop toward a "2-part wedding ceremony". You would share your ceremony with immediate family and dear friends, and then plan your big celebration/reception for a later date after we escape the clutches of COVID-19.

Be assured that the majority of wedding vendors in Manitoba are committed to working with our clients and doing our very best to help them through this incredibly difficult time. At Let's Tie the Knot we offer free rescheduling plus a discount for those most in need at this stage of the isolation policy.

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