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Every time I ask a couple about the size and composition of their wedding party, the answers are almost always the same! It is usually some derivative of “4 plus 4”, or “3 on my side and 4 on his”, or “I have 3 and she has 2”.

My initial response is that this is your wedding and there should be no “sides” in this.

In reality, you have each asked friends and loved ones to stand up with you and celebrate your union. They are participating in the wedding for BOTH of you.

Even the labels “bridesmaid” and “groomsman” seem outdated and less relevant to today’s modern wedding ceremony. Gender lines have been eliminated and so too has the notion that each partner must have an equal number of attendants.

So with the wide variety in wedding party structure and participation that we now see, why do most ceremonies still involve the wedding party standing together in one contiguous lineup at the front of the service?

This provides creative couples one more opportunity to mix things up and allow their guests to leave the ceremony saying “I have never seen that before”, or “that was different”. It will leave a lasting impression to keep the memory of your ceremony alive for a long time.

The ways in which you can have your wedding party arranged are almost limitless, and here are just a few ideas to help get the creative juices flowing;

· Have the wedding party stand in pairs

· Have the wedding party seated in the front row, leaving all the focus on the couple

· All the wedding party stand to one side in a non-symmetrical alignment

· Stand the wedding party along the sides with just the bride and groom in the centre

· The wedding party stands behind the couple – forming a semi-circle in which the ceremony is held

The physical setup of the venue also provides options for the location of the wedding party. Consider placing them on a stairway behind the couple, on risers at different levels, or even arrange seating for them during the ceremony.

Minor changes like this help make your ceremony more unique and memorable while still recognizing the tradition of a wedding ceremony.

Have fun, be creative and remember....there are NO RULES!

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