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Let's Tie the Knot has an amazing team of marriage commissioners that can help make your wedding day spectacular.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience which we look forward to sharing with you.

Not only do we offer an array of personalities and styles, but our team also ensures that you are protected against unexpected and unavoidable circumstances. By having a team of commissioners working together, we are able to offer a "back up" plan in case of emergency. Should one of our commissioners fall ill or be unable to conduct your ceremony, you can rest assured knowing that a back up plan is in place.

Only with the Let's Tie the Knot team can you get this assurance and protection for your wedding day.

Wayne Palendat

About Wayne      

                founder of Let's Tie The Knot

I became a marriage commissioner after being asked by my daughter to officiate her wedding ceremony. Being able to create something that was so unique and personal for her and my son-in-law was a true joy. Many friends and family commented on how the ceremony touched them, evoked emotions and even made them laugh, so I decided to offer my services to other couples.

​I am a casual, laid back person and I bring that demeanor to meetings and the ceremony itself. I also possess a sarcastic wit and am happy to add humour to a ceremony if that is one of your wishes. I want you to be able to relax and fully enjoy the journey that leads to your wedding day.

​I will help you create a ceremony that is as individual and unique as you are and truly reflects your personalities. . It seems like we have all been to the same boring ceremony time and time again. Let’s Tie The Knot will marry you YOUR way, with a creative and personalized ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple.


 The Small Details

I love the creative process of writing and capturing your life in the ceremony. Your personal story will be woven into the ceremony and should you wish, I can also help you find quotes and/or lyrics that help express your feelings. I will attend to all the details of your ceremony so that you can focus on the moment. I will provide copies of chosen passages for the readers as well as index cards for the bride and groom's vows.

I approach this task with no religious or spiritual agenda. I respect all persons, faiths and beliefs, and am proud to provide services to the LGBTTQ* community.


My objective is to assist you in every way possible to create a ceremony that is uniquely yours. Some couples have a good idea of what they wish to express in their ceremony, while others seek an exchange of ideas and perhaps some direction. No matter which path we take together, you can rest assured that the final ceremony will be just as you hoped and dreamed. The wedding ceremony sets the stage for the rest of the day/event. Let's create something together that is special, unique and perhaps unexpected..... something that your guests will talk about and remember.

Patrick Oshust

Patrick brings a great energy to each ceremony that he conducts. He is an articulate speaker and very comfortable presenting to groups of all sizes.

Patrick continues to work in the hospitality sector as well as being an educator. He can best be described as a "people person" with an outgoing personality and relaxed demeanour.

Patrick is also an experienced bartender, so if you think that you may need a drink on your wedding day - who better to call upon?


Chris Nickel

Chris simply LOVES weddings, and she would love to be a part of yours. Her ever present smile and genuine love of "all things wedding" will keep you and your guests fully engaged in the moment.

Chris combines a great deal of enthusiasm with an attention to detail that will ensure that your ceremony occurs exactly as planned.

Whether your wedding will be held on the beach, in a back yard, or at a more formal venue, Chris is ready provide a unique and memorable ceremony.


Heather Foreman

Heather brings energy and enthusiasm to all that she does. She has a great deal of "inside" experience at weddings....NOT as a bride, but as a bridesmaid. We think that Heather may hold a "record" for the number of times she has been a bridesmaid!

This demonstrates the type of person that Heather is - when so many brides feel so close to Heather that they ask her to stand up with them on their special day.

Heather brings a relaxed and casual attitude which will help you and your wedding party enjoy the experience with minimal stress. She may even have a bridal dress that matches your bridesmaids!!!

If you are an officiant looking to join our team, please submit your application here.
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