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Bride & Groom in the Meadow
Loving Couple

We love marrying couples in smaller weddings where everything feels more personal and true to you two. ⁠
Perfect for the couple who wants a casual, but meaningful, moment to solidify their bond of marriage.⁠ The Idyllic Elopement package is a ceremony without the pomp & circumstance....just love!

If you wish to keep it short & sweet (or short & sassy), this is the package for you!


The Idyllic Elopement package allows you to choose from a number of pre-written scripts to best suit your style. You may select a ceremony script that is traditional or one that is more casual and relaxed or even light-hearted with a dash of humour.

The ceremony will be brief (approximately 5 - 8 minutes) and will include the main components of a wedding ceremony as well as the document completion.

Two witnesses are required for the service and document signing.


  • Your choice from a selection of ceremony scripts

  • An experienced team that you can trust

  • Simple legalization of your marriage, in person, with both parties and 2 witnesses present.

  • You get married at a park, backyard, coffee shop, restaurant, airport, living room—you pick.

  • Legal registration of your marriage after the ceremony.

  • A relaxed, informal atmosphere for you to make your own moment.


Let’s Work Together

Let's Tie the Knot

Phone/Text: 204-228-0626

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