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Wedding Ideas

What happens during a ceremony?

Many couples have this question but they’re embarrassed to ask it: What actually happens during a wedding ceremony? What does a sample wedding ceremony look like? Sure, we all know about the vows, the rings and there’s a kiss in there somewhere. But what is the usual order of events? What else happens while the couple is up there?

Don’t worry! We’re going to walk you through a sample wedding ceremony. , We believe you should do your wedding your way. So remember: this is just a sample ceremony! You don’t have to include all of these parts of the ceremony and you don’t have to do them in this order.

A few of these ceremony elements are important in order to make your wedding legal, but you can get creative with almost everything. Just ask you us! We'll help bring your dream ceremony to life and make sure it’s a ceremony that represents who you two are while honouring your values.

Here’s a sample wedding ceremony. Be sure to click on some of the elements to learn more:

Casual announcements by Officiant
(reminder to stand when bride enters, turn off cell phones, etc.)

Processional of wedding party and couple 

Address by Officiant

Sharing the couple's story

Expression of Intent

Readings or quotes (if selected)

The Vows

The Rings

Signing of Registry


The Kiss


The Recessional

Wedding vows

Writing your wedding vows may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of some good tips and samples from which to get ideas, you will be able to find the words that best capture your feeliings and thoughts. YES they can be scary, YES they can be tough to write, YES they might feel intimate and you might be a little nervous about sharing those feelings in public. But thats exactly why we think they’re so important! Personal wedding vows are made so much more meaningful because they’re from the heart. You’re standing up in front of all the important people in your life and publicly declaring your love and commitment to your fiance for the rest of your life, in your own words, straight from the heart. Its an absolutely beautiful experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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