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Frequently asked questions

There is a lot of laughter in the photos on the you tell a lot of jokes?

As you have seen in some of our posts, we believe in the mantra "we don't DO boring".

When we first chat about the details of your ceremony, we will ask if you would like to have some humour included. We love to laugh, and think you and your guests want to as well.

You’ll notice that we never use the word “joke” in describing what we do. We don’t tell jokes at your wedding.

There’s an important difference between humour and “a joke.”

When we write a script, we steer away from “jokes” that can be said of any couple anywhere, anytime.

Any of the humour in your ceremony will be about a funny memory in your own story from your first impressions of each other, your first date, or your proposal, and it will be something that you told us about.

We don’t tell jokes, but we do find those lighthearted and contrasting occasions in your love story that make us laugh. And those are the moments captured in all those photos.

How will our ceremony be personalized and customized for us?

Our "Simple & Intimate" and "Your Wedding, Your Way" packages include full personalization and customization of YOUR wedding script.

The ceremony is created with your collaboration, and we weave your love story into the script.

“Personal” means (and this is the best part!) we are not just filling your script with platitudes and references from some template.There’s magic in how you met, got engaged and love each other, and even more magic in sharing yoiur story with family and friends on your wedding day.

How it works:

1) I ask both of you some questions.

I’ll send a link to a survey form asking you about:

  • your first impression of each other,

  • your first date,

  • your proposal,

  • what you love about each other

  • your hopes and dreams for the future

2) You will each complete and submit the form.

without reading each other’s answers, you’ll describe all the above events on the survey form and [rovide “both sides of the story.” It’s so fun to see the differences and similarities in how you describe the same milestone occasions in your relationship!

3) We will write your ceremony script and weave your story into it, including

  • how you first met,

  • how the first date went,

  • how the proposal went down,

  • what each of you loves about the other (in your own words),

  • some of your dreams and visions for the future

4) We share the script with you and invite your feedback and input. We can make any changes that you wish in advance of your wedding day.

There’s no love story like yours. In our unique funny and moving style, we'll write your full story, what you love about each other, and what you hope for the future.

What if our officiant is sick and cannot conduct the ceremony?

This has fortunately never happened, but we have a contingency plan in place should it ever occur. We have a great team of experienced and licensed officiants who would knock your ceremony out of the park. Your ceremony script will already be completely written and we would call on one of our colleagues to seamlessly step in and read and perform what we have created together.

Do you provide the marriage license?

You are required to purchase a marriage license between 90 days and 24 hours prior to the ceremony, we cannot supply this for you. Visit our SERVICES page where you will find detailed information about obtaining your marriage license.