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Our ULTIMATE package


We want you to be able to fully relax and ENJOY your wedding day, free from stress and anxiety about unforeseen circumstances. 

  • What if the weather turns bad and you need to make a last minute decision to revert to “Plan B” for your outdoor ceremony?….NO PROBLEM

  • What if some key family members are late arriving?....NO PROBLEM

  • What if construction projects on the way to the venue (this is after all – Manitoba!) cause delays for everyone?....NO PROBLEM

  • You are having an amazing connection with your photographer and just want to keep capturing some great images before starting the ceremony?....NO PROBLEM

  • It starts to rain just before the ceremony but looks like it will only last a few minutes, so you’d like to delay the start….NO PROBLEM

  • Your driver is delayed or stuck in traffic….NO PROBLEM


Despite our best efforts, life sometimes throws a curve ball which impacts our schedule and timeline. We offer a way in which this can just be like “water off a duck's back” for you. No stress and no worries.

Our Exclusively Yours package ensures that we will be there for you no matter what unforeseen delays may occur, and we will begin your ceremony whenever you and everyone else is ready.


We are honoured to be selected by many couples each year to participate in their wedding and provide them with a unique and memorable ceremony. The number of couples that request our service means that we must adhere to a schedule which will allow us to conduct multiple weddings in a day. When you book our service, your chosen time is secured in our schedule, but we may also have other weddings to conduct earlier or later that day. If you would prefer to not be bound to a specific schedule and have some flexibility in case any delays pop up, our Exclusively Yours package is for you.


With this package we will exclusively conduct your wedding on your chosen date. We will be available for you before, during, and after the ceremony and will easily be able to accommodate any possible delays or last-minute changes without having to head out to another booking.


With the cost of hosting a wedding climbing each year (approx. $30,000 in Manitoba), the fee for a marriage commissioner remains one of the smallest costs. This essential component of your wedding (some may argue THE most important part of the day) remains one of the lowest costs for you….far below the cost of flowers, photographer, music, or even the linens!


Our Exclusively Yours package includes;


We will collaborate to design a ceremony that mirrors your distinct personalities, making it as exceptional and one-of-a-kind as you are. Together, we'll craft a unique ceremony that captures the essence of your journey.

We believe in weaving moments, not just words.

Picture this: Your ceremony begins with a hush of anticipation. As your story unfolds, there's laughter, there are tears of joy, and there's an undeniable connection between you and your guests. Every word spoken resonates, every promise made feels real, and every moment is cherished.

When your big day arrives, count on us as your resource and go-to expert, seamlessly guiding all participants through every facet of the ceremony – from the grand entrance to the joyous exit, and every heartfelt moment in between.


We will conduct your wedding rehearsal and help everyone to know what to expect on the big day so that they can be relaxed and fully enjoy the experience. 



A complimentary consultation (to make sure you like us). 

  • Our experience and creative juices to help you discover what you want.

  • Customized ceremony tailored to who you are as individuals and as a couple, including sharing your personal love story in the ceremony

  • Peace of mind knowing word for word what your officiant is going to say.

  • Unlimited ceremony edits.

  • Unlimited ceremony revisions.

  • Continual contact to ensure your ceremony is exactly what you want.

  • Full control over the final draft.

  • Coordination of your rehearsal 

  • Early arrival at your wedding to chat with the photographer, DJ and other vendors to make sure all goes as planned.

  • Performance and facilitation of your ceremony (of course).

  • Our team of officiants as a "back-up" in the event of an emergency and your officiant is unable to attend. (our commitment to a contingency plan in case life throws us an unexpected curve ball)

  • Legal registration of your marriage after the ceremony.

  • A TON of fun

  • A ceremony you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives.

Let’s Work Together

Let's Tie the Knot

Phone/Text: 204-228-0626

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