Declaration of intent

Tamara & Brad

Remember that we are all about eradicating dull and boring wedding ceremonies, so we offer our couples SEVERAL options for declaring their commitment. You don’t have to go with the standard, but if the traditional declaration suits you, we’re all for it!

As we plan and script your wedding ceremony, we will explore options to ensure that the declaration you make on your wedding day precisely expresses your feelings.

Following are just a few samples that may work for you or get your creative juices flowing and hep you come up with something more unique.


Now (Groom), with your promises to (Bride) in mind, do you take (Bride) to be your partner for life?   Do you promise to always drive the speed limit – even on the highway?  Do you promise to take out the trash – even when it isn’t your turn?  Will you always try at least one bite of any meal she creates?  Will you lend all of your strength for all of her dreams? If so, respond “I Do.”

(Bride) with your promises to (Groom) in mind, do you take (Groom) to be your partner for life?  Do you promise to walk by his side forever, and to love, help, and encourage him in all he does?  Do you promise to take time to talk with him, to listen to him, and to care for him?  Will you share his laughter, and his tears, as his partner, lover and best friend?  If so, respond “I Do.”

Will you, (Bride) keep (Groom) as your favorite person — to laugh with him, go on adventures with him, support him through life's tough moments, be proud of him, grow old with him, and find new reasons to love him every day?If so, respond “I will”

Do you, (Groom), welcome (Bride) as your wife, offering her your love and encouragement, your trust and respect, as together you create your future?

Do you promise to love, adore and encourage her? Share the good times and achievements as well as the hard times and disappointments? 

Do you promise to love (Bride) and respect her, to share your life and your dreams, to build with her a home that is a place of love, happiness, commitment and growth?

With these words spoken, and all those as yet unspoken, do you wish to marry (Bride) and join your life with hers?

If so, respond “I Do.”