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Never Worry About Unanticipated Delays

Welcome to the wedding of your dreams! We understand that on your special day, sometimes sh*t happens! It's all part of the magic and unpredictability that makes your wedding unique. Whether it's late transportation, an enthusiastic photographer busy capturing amazing pre-ceremony images, your beloved Nana's late arrival, the bride needing a few more minutes to get ready, or even the weather deciding to change plans and move everyone inside – we've got you covered!


At Let’s Tie the Knot, we are truly honored to be highly sought after and to have the pleasure of marrying several wonderful couples, but this means that we often conduct more than one ceremony in a day.

Conducting more than one ceremony in a day requires careful planning and adherence to a schedule. Our team ensures that each ceremony gets the attention and dedication it deserves, no matter how busy our day may be.

While we strive to provide a seamless experience, it's important to note that our commitment to other couples just like you, means that we have a limited time window for each ceremony. If you encounter unexpected delays that require us to extend our schedule, there may be situations where we are unable to accommodate the change.


Introducing Ceremony Assurance

Your peace of mind is our priority. That's why we offer Ceremony Assurance. With this service, we promise that the one thing you won't have to worry about is your commissioner. No matter what unexpected twists and turns your wedding day takes, we will stay with you until you share your first kiss and are officially married.

With Ceremony Assurance, we will increase the time window that is dedicated to your ceremony, thereby enabling us to be on hand to the end of your ceremony, even in the event of delays up to 45 minutes.


Knowing that we can accommodate unforeseen delays and still deliver your perfect ceremony gives you peace of mind and one less thing to stress about on your big day.

Let’s Work Together

Let's Tie the Knot

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