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Let's Tie the Knot

About Us

Ready to Say "I Do" in Style? 

Meet Let's Tie the Knot - Your Dream Wedding Team! 

Why choose us? Because we're not just good; we're downright AWESOME! 

Our walls are lined with awards, all thanks to the incredible love stories of hundreds of couples we've had the honour to marry. Their overwhelming love and fantastic feedback have made us the top choice in the business.

You can trust us – plain and simple.

We're on a mission to make your big day unforgettable, filled with love, laughter, and a touch of magic.

Your wedding ceremony with Let's Tie the Knot won't just be special; it'll be uniquely YOURS.

And guess what? The memories we create will last a lifetime, not just for you but for your guests too!

Don't settle for ordinary; choose extraordinary. Let's Tie the Knot - because your love story deserves nothing less.

Ready to make memories? Let's get started!

And don't just take our word for can check out our rave reviews here

Our Approach

For most couples with whom we work, this is their first wedding...but it ain't our first rodeo.

We have conducted hundreds of weddings and no 2 have been the same.

We will work together with you to develop a heartwarming and captivating ceremony that shares your love story, or we help you have a simple and intimate ceremony in front of your closest loved ones.

Wedding ceremonies are steeped in tradition. While honouring that tradition, we offer you ideas and options that will allow you to put your own twist on the ceremony and help make it a unique representation of your personalities and styles.

We do YOUR wedding YOUR way.


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Team Manitoba

Our Team

Wayne Palendat

Wayne Palendat Founder (click to "meet" Wayne)


Patrick Oshust (click to "meet" Patrick)


Chantalle Gauthier (click to "meet" Chantalle)


Sam Draper (click to "meet" Sam)


Diane Dreger (click to "meet" Diane)


Marnie Strath (click to "meet" Marnie)


Carmen Nedohin (click to "meet" Carmen)


Justin Danyluk (click to "meet" Justin)

Meet Our Founder

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