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Marriage Commissioners


"We don't DO boring"...

Do you want to be thrilled by your ceremony and have guests raving about it?

Here's a radically different concept....we believe that your wedding should actually be about..... YOU TWO!

At Let's Tie the Knot, it is our mission to eradicate dull and boring wedding ceremonies and to help you have the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

Let’s Tie The Knot will marry you YOUR way, with a heartwarming and captivating ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple.

Wayne (founder and the creative force of Let's Tie The Knot) will collaborate with you to script the wedding ceremony of your dreams. We will share your love story in an engaging and entertaining way, or keep it simple and intimate. It's always YOUR choice.

We want to help you have an amazing wedding ceremony that will live in your memory and have your guests commenting on how great it was.

Planning and organizing a wedding is a great deal of work and can cause a lot of stress. Our experienced, professional team can help take away some of the stress by organizing and coordinating your ceremony for you.

We have conducted hundreds of weddings and have a great deal of experience along with many ideas that we are happy to share.

If you are just starting to plan and are not sure what questions to ask your vendors, check out our list of most important questions here.

Newly-wed Couple

Your Love,

Your Life,

Your Story


"Why you should choose a marriage commissioner"...

Let's Tie the Knot has an amazing team of marriage commissioners that can help make your wedding day spectacular.

Whether your plans are for a simple "I do" legality service, or a special event to share with family & friends, we can help.

Many couples wish to abandon tradition for their special day and create an event that is more personal and unique.

In general, clergy who pastor a church, synagogue or other religious institution have to adhere to the rules, rituals and guidelines of their religious institution.  The ceremony will be religious and you will usually have little (if any) freedom to customize your wedding. There may often also be restrictions on photography during the ceremony.

Having your ceremony officiated by a marriage commissioner is just one way in which you can make the event different and memorable.

We will work with you to create a ceremony that best reflects your personalities and interests.

There is no need to have a "cookie cutter" ceremony that has been used time and again. This is YOUR special day and the ceremony should be exactly what you want.

Unencumbered by the constraints of church or religion, you can be free to create a ceremony that is current, fun and romantic, while truly expressing your feelings and dreams.


Our Team.

Let's Tie the Knot has an amazing team of marriage commissioners that can help make your wedding day spectacular.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience which we look forward to sharing with you.

Not only do we offer an array of personalities and styles, but our team also ensures that you are protected against unexpected and unavoidable circumstances. By having a team of commissioners working together, we are able to offer a "back up" plan in case of emergency. Should one of our commissioners fall ill or be unable to conduct your ceremony, you can rest assured knowing that a back up plan is in place.

Only with the Let's Tie the Knot team can you get this assurance and protection for your wedding day.



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